Honey Eczema Soap


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Natural Honey Fragrance

The healing power of this handmade bar soap is truly quite un-BEE-lievable. Come see what all the buzz is about!

Okay enough cutesy information, for real this stuff works.

We’ve paired oatmeal and raw honey to produce a satisfyingly rich formula sourced straight from the hive. To use, massage soap bar into damp skin, work into a lather and rinse to enjoy soothing relief from irritation, itching and inflammation.

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A little back story:


My skin would overreact with red itchy bumps all over that wouldn’t go away for days even after taking some Benadryl. I developed these dry circle patches on my body that would peel leaving lighter skin underneath. The more I used chemically processed soaps the more my skin reacted. I was stuck in this vicious cycle where I was becoming used to having raised, itchy welts and thought this was just the norm now. That I had to just accept it.


There was one good thing that came from all of this and that’s my creation of the Eczema Soap. My soap is completely natural. Every ingredient was added to perform a specific purpose.


Ingredients: ~Water~, ~Coconut Oil~, ~Cottonseed Oil~, ~Lye~, ~African Palm Oil~, ~Oatmeal~, ~Honey~, ~Castor Oil~, ~Sunflower Oil~, and ~Olive Oil~

196 reviews for Honey Eczema Soap

  1. John (verified owner)

    I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to body products since they’re targeted at women. My wife bought me some of this soap because I complain about my psoriasis. I’ve been using it for a week and I can clearly see a difference. I believe she might have found a product that actually works for me.

  2. Ben L. (verified owner)

    I purchased a bar awhile back and was finally running low so decided to order some more. Was really happy to see the big sale happening so I ordered 3 bars this time! I know they’ll last me for months and you never know, they may come in handy as a last minute gift!

  3. Barb P. (verified owner)

    Seems to have lessened the amount of flare ups a lot. I love the light smell of it too. I’ve already got another order placed.

  4. Craig L. (verified owner)

    I’m a first time buyer of this honey and oatmeal soap and so far I like it. I’ve only used it for about 2 weeks now but I have no negative remarks about it. The price is great for the size of the bar and I can see it lasting more than a month for me. I don’t have any particular skin issues but I was looking for a gentle natural soap. This bar soap fit the bill nicely.

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