Privacy Policy

What does our company do with your information?  

Whenever you subscribe to our mailing list or purchase a product from The Eczema Soap, we collect personal information such as your name, address, billing information, and email in order to process transactions. By signing up with your email, you are giving our company permission to send you emails concerning sales, new products available, and more.

When visiting our website,, your IP (internet protocol) address is automatically retrieved so that we can better learn what operating system and browser you are using.    


How does our company get consent?  

When filling in your information to fulfill a purchase by verifying your payment and shipping method it is implied that you are giving our company consent to use your information for the specific reason of completing your order. If your consent is needed for something such as email marketing then you will be provided with the opportunity to decline.  

If you have already given our company consent to contact you with offers and information but would like to unsubscribe and withdraw that consent then you may contact our customer service department at [email protected].    



If our company is required to by law or our Terms of Service are violated then we may disclose your personal information.    


Third-Party Services  

Any third-party providers used by our company will only use your personal information to the extent that they need in order to fulfill the services that are provided to us.    



Our company takes your personal information very seriously. Precautions are taken to ensure that your information will not be misused, altered, destroyed, lost, disclosed, or accessed inappropriately.  


Age of Consent  

When using this site, you verify that you are of legal age in your province of residence or state and give consent for any minor dependents belonging to you to use our site.  


Changes to Our Policy  

We reserve all rights to modify or change this privacy policy at any point in time so we recommend reviewing it occasionally. Any changes or further clarifications that are added will be considered effective immediately upon publishing and those signed up for our newsletter will be notified of any modifications. Should our company merge or be acquired by another company any information you have given us consent to may be moved in order to continue the selling of our products to you.    


Question and Concerns  

Any questions or concerns that you may have can be brought to our company’s attention by sending an email to [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible. You may also email with any requests to alter or delete personal information that we have stores or if you would like to register a complaint with our services or products.